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    Default 'Rockstar' Shabbir Ahluwalia talks about Kumkum Bhagya, Ekta Kapoor, his challenges as a producer...

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    Actor-turned-producer Shabbir Ahluwalia, who has shied away from facing the camera since 2012, will soon be seen in Ekta Kapoorís Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV. He plays a rockstar in the project.

    As a matter of fact, Shabbir, who has always been a blue-eyed boy of Ekta Kapoor, started his television career with Balaji Telefilms.

    We caught up with him for a candid chat. Read onÖ

    First, tell us a bit about your character in Kumkum Bhagya?

    This is the first time that I am playing a rockstar on television and in order to look my part, I had to ensure that not only did I had to get my look and costume right, but also had to get that attitude (required to portray a rockstar on screen) right.

    Has your character been inspired from Farhan Akhtarís Rock On?

    Not at all. Abhi (his character) is flamboyant and a wild kind of person; he is one who likes to explore life and deems to work hard and enjoy adulation.

    You are playing a musician in the show. Do you know to play any musical instrument in real life?

    Yes, I know to play the guitar superbly; have even trained myself to master the art. Given an opportunity, I would love to play guitar on my own in the show.

    Tell us about your look in the show?

    My look is very different that has never been seen before. To tell you frankly, I and my creative sat over, discussed and decided on my outfit. We didnít want to make an over-the-top character but at the same time wanted one who should resemble a rock tar.

    By the way who is your favourite rockstar?

    Well, a rockstar can be your icon or your inspiration. Bon Jovi is my favourite rockstar as a soloist and Al Pacino as an actor.

    Could you tell us as to how much effort did you put in to get this lean body?

    For Abhiís role I have shed 12 kgs. I did a lot of gymming and also participated in other outdoor games like football and cricket. It definitely gives me motivation and I love my transition.

    How does it feel to be part of Balaji Telefilms again from where you started your career?

    It feels like I have come back home. Ekta is a dear friend who knows what kind of roles will suit me well. Ekta, who has made her mark both in television and films, has also been instrumental in making many screen icons.

    What about your co-actor Sriti Jha?

    She is a wonderful lady whom I met for the first time through this show. She is very warm and we are all like a family.

    Tell us about your wife Kanchi? How is this phase (Kanchi is pregnant) going for both of you?

    I donít like to discuss my personal life here.

    Who about your production house (Flying Turtles which produced Savitri)?

    With me it was getting very difficult to get into production of shows besides carrying on with my acting assignments. Now I have decided to concentrate only on acting; you canít be away from what you love doing for long.

    You are an actor, producer and cricketer. In short, are you a Jack of all trades but master of none?

    Well, I am an actor, producer, cricketer and footballer. I am a very conventional actor and like to do one thing at a time. Whether I am a Jack of all trades and master of none is for someone else to answer, not me.



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