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    Default "I love to go to my Naani's place during summers" : Mrunal Thakur

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    Much loved actress Mrunal Thakur shares with us the ways to beat the heat during summers and she prefers wearing loose clothes during summer.

    Summer is here and the rise in mercury has made everyone start feeling the heat. Our TV celebs too are not spared and they follow some tips to take care of their skin and health during summers. We speaks to your favorite celeb to know more about their summer choice and the tips they follow to stay cool during summers.

    Today we got in touch with the bubbly Mrunal Thakur who currently portrays the character of Bulbul in Balaji Telefilms' popular show Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV. Here is Mrunal sharing about her likes and dislikes about summers along with giving tips to her fans.

    Do you like anything about summers?

    Summer season is all about Mangoes and I love Mangoes a lot. I love to have Panah which we make it from raw Mangoes by boiling it. I love to have raw mangoes and sour things. We should carry along this with us while going out and if not this then carrying water is a must. I know people I who avoid eating Mangoes because of the fear of getting pimples but I feel so fortunate that I don't have any such problems and I can enjoy having Mangoes anytime. It's good to be stylish and summer is the season in which a girl can move out in style by tying her hair in different styles. One should prefer wearing cotton clothes during summers and if possible then prefer wearing white. One thing which I love the most about summer is going into the AC room after coming from outside.

    Summers are meant for...Mangoes.

    The perfect summer wear for me is... I prefer wearing loose clothes like a loose cotton kurti, a nice Payjama, skirts or spaghetti.

    Shooting during summer is...Though its very chip-chip as while shooting, we have to take care of our make-up while getting into our scenes and the moods of our character but shooting during summer for me is fun. We keep getting Lassi, Chaas, Curd items, Kulfi, ice-cream, etc. whenever we shoot outdoor. So, shooting during summer for me is fun.

    Things I carry along during summer...A bottle of water, a clutch or a hair band, deo or a perfume and sunglasses. One should also carry an umbrella along with them always which I don't carry.

    My favorite summer drink is...Panah and Chaas.

    My travel destination during summer is...I love to go to my Nani's place because we have a Mango tree, Papaya tree and other kinds of trees there and its very cool at her place. Even water kept in a pot is cool as water kept in the fridge. I always want to go to her place which is in Dhule, nearby to Nasik.

    My beauty regime during summer is...I apply sunscreen and drink a lot of water to avoid getting dehydrated. Taking adequate sleep is also very necessary.

    My diet during summer is...I have lots of milk products like curd and chaas. I prefer not to have the fruits which contains heat content in them like Papaya and Grapes. Eating right on right time is very necessary.

    My fitness regime during summer is...I hardly do anything for my fitness. I just keep walking from one set to the other as we have lots of other sets nearby to our sets so I keep visiting other sets to meet my friends. One should go for a walk either early morning or late at night after dinner.

    One summer tip for your fans... Summer is hot, Bulbul is hot but you have to be cool (laughs). Its very necessary to keep oneself calm as we get irritated very easily during summers. Avoid going out too much during summers and when you have to go out, then do take care of yourself. I would request all the Moms to take care of their kids during summer as there are chances for them to fall sick very often.



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