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    Default "My idea of a Rockstar is pretty crazy and wild!" - Shabbir Ahluwalia

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    Shabbir Ahluwalia, the man with the ruffled hair and ‘just out of bed’ looks is back again to scorch the screen in his latest role as a rockstar in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

    His fans will be excited seeing him again on Indian Television and this time he comes in a rocking Rockstar avatar in Zee TV's latest offering from Balaji Telefilms - Kumkum Bhagya.

    Shabbir Ahluwalia who had been busy for some time as producer is back to the grind as an actor. Here, he talks about the new show, his character and more...

    There has been pretty much excitement about your comeback... where have you been and what made you accept this show?

    First of all, this is not a comeback since I had not gone anywhere and was very much a part of the industry. I was busy being a producer with my own company Flying Turtles. Ekta Kapoor is not only my producer but also a friend with whom I have had a long time work association knew what is happening in my life, so when my last project as a producer got over in November she told me about this show that she was planning. When I heard it I could not say no to it since I felt it was outstanding. I am really fortunate that I get to do the best role under Balaji. Ekta and Balaji are like family so I am happy that I am working with them since they make the best Television content. Furthermore, this show and character seemed pretty exciting and I am eagerly waiting for the launch and the audience reaction.

    The show has quite an unusual title...
    Kumkum Bhagya is name of the marriage hall and it is the most bizarre name so when people ask me what is different in this show I tell them it is the title that is different. Shows are named after the character or relations but then for the first time it is named after the marriage hall and it generates curiosity and brings a mystery element to it. That marriage hall is the source of livelihood for the family.

    Tell us more about your character in the show.

    I play a Rockstar named Abhi in the show and I have noticed that Rockstars don't think at all and just live by the minute... that's what I too will be doing in this show. Lot of rockstars have some driving force in their life and my driving force is shown to be the perks that come along. When a rockstar becomes successful and a rage all over the world many things follow - money, girls, and most importantly the adulation which is what every rockstar craves for. Most of the roles I have played have always had me in a my very just out of bed look so I was pretty good since I have had a very lazy laid back attitude but now I have to work hard to look and act like a rockstar.

    There has been a film Rockstar with Ranbir Kapoor in it and then there was Iqbal Khan playing a Rockstar in Balaji's show Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai. Did you pick up any nuances from these characters?

    I don't look at anyone as inspiration since I inspire myself. I have seen Ranbir's Rockstar and liked it too since I think he was fabulous but there has been no inspiration from there. I have also seen Iqbal in Kaisa Yeh Pyaar hai and he was very good too. However, I take things from people off screen as well and try and incorporate it in my character since my idea can be different from yours since perceptions are bound to be different for different people.

    So, what is your idea of a Rockstar?

    Well, my idea of a Rockstar has been pretty crazy and wild which can be portrayed maybe in a late night show (laughs). I think even my rockstar in Kumkum Bhagya is quite crazy, but then there are different variations to the same character so I will play this differently as I perceive him to be but of course I will it mellow it down to the audience taste. Thus we all had to come to a neutral ground to make a new rockstar who will be acceptable for the family audience at 9 pm.

    A rockstar in a show named after a marriage hall... there seems to be a certain disconnect.

    I agree, there's no connect but a complete disconnect and that's the reason it is beautiful, we all are different... how these disconnected people meet is what the story is all about. Everyone says that I will get married when I find the right person and our wave length matches but I don't think there is a right time for marriage. You all maybe completely similar or completely opposite and there must be something that you might find same or dissimilar too but still there must be something that you do for each other knowingly or unknowingly so that you both move on together in the same direction in life.

    Lastly, your pairing with Sriti Jha looks interesting...

    Yes, even I have been hearing that our pair is looking good and hopefully this pairing will suit us too.



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