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    Default "I am incomplete without my work" - Sriti Jha

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    We brings to you the Sunday celebrity slam book section with Sriti Jha.

    Beautiful and talented actress Sriti Jha, who is portraying the character of Pragya in Balaji Telefilms' popular show Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV, spared time to answer to our slam book questions.

    Birthday:26th February.

    Nickname: Titu.

    Sun Sign: Pisces.

    Hometown: Darbhanga, Bihar.

    Describe yourself: I am a mad person pretend to be living in the real world and truly living in a fictional world.

    Strength:My family.

    Weakness:Nothing really.

    What can easily impress you: An intelligent sense of humor.

    You're crazy about:Good stories.

    Hobbies:Reading and watching movies.

    A cloud nine moment for you:When I met Gulzar at his book reading event.

    Do you believe in destiny:Yes, I do! Yet I think that hard working people are destined to be successful.

    Song you're humming these days:Hang me oh hang me from the movie Inside Llewyn Davis.

    Any TV show you follow: I follow many shows like Grey's Anatomy, Mad men, New Girl, Kumkum Bhagya, True Detective etc.

    An unforgettable day of your life: All days are unforgettable for one reason or another.

    Describe your daily routine in short:I get up in the morning and the usual followed by tea, I spend 15 min. in silence looking out of the window, then I get ready for shoot, work and get back to home, write and read a little and farewell to the day.

    What's your favorite pass time during free time on the sets:Talking to Supriya Shukla ji and reading and listening to good music.

    Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: Marine Drive and Juhu Beach.

    Craziest fan encounter so far: I haven't had any craziest one but its very sweet of them to send me messages through India Forums on my birthday.

    The best compliment ever received: The writer of my previous show Rakt Sambandh once told me - "You are a writer's gem. I could write anything and be sure of you to perform it."

    Your inspiration: Meryl Streep and Waheeda Rehman.

    You're incomplete without: My work.

    Message to your fans: Always remember there is nothing called enough knowledge. There is one life; learn all you can.



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