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    Default Jigyasa's mental condition to be revealed in Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi!

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    Sony Pal's Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi will have an interesting track where Jigyasa's truth will be revealed in front of Aashi.

    Sony Pal's Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi produced by Miloni Productions is doing pleasingly well for the audience be it due to the story line or the twists brought in by the makers or the fresh star cast.

    Recently we have seen talented actress Megha Aditya Shroff entering the show as Jigyasa, now story will revolve around her life. Aashi is worried about Jigyasa's ill condition and help her in improving her condition.

    In the forthcoming episode Aashi's (Helly Shah) family will lock her in a room so that she is safe from Jigyasa and her husband Ravindra's personal matter.

    Our source informs us, "Aashi is worried as Jigyasa in a bad condition and she will try to go at her place despite being tortured by her husband. Meantime her family will restrict her and lock her in a room so that she can be away from Jigyasa and Ravindra's matter. However, Aashi succeeds to get out of the house through balcony and reaches at Ravindra's place."

    "After reaching there she will get to know the real truth about Jigyasa. She is the one who is behind the drama and is suffering from a mental disorder," ends the source.

    Well, with the revelation about Jigyasa's mental condition what will be the reaction of Aashi and her family?

    To know more keep reading this space.



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