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    Default Abhishek Sharma gets into the look of a 'Satan' for Sony PAL's Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi

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    Actor Abhishek Sharma, who essays the role of Saahil, Aashi’s best buddy in Sony PAL’s Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi (Miloni Moviez) is shown as a wannabe actor who would take up advertisements of local brands to earn money. Recently, Abhishek was seen in the look of a Dabangg.

    And now, the actor will don the look of a ‘Satan’ for a local ad for ‘Chintu Machhar Agarbatti Coil’ wherein he will be shown as the ‘ultimate killer’ of mosquitoes.

    And for this, Abhishek had to don the typical avatar of a Satan. And the actor had to go without food for nearly 8 hours. We hear that the whole unit and his co-actors were so out of moods, as they did not find the prankster Abhishek in action on the given day.

    Says Abhishek, “Yes, it is true that I donned a typical ghost look for a sequence in Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi. The team had asked me to report on the sets after having a good breakfast. And when I sat for my make-up, it seemed as though the process would go on and on. It took 4 hours for me to get into the look required. And the best part was that I could not eat while the make-up was on. The stylist was very warm and helpful, and made me sip some juice at regular intervals through a straw as I could not open my mouth wide. After the make-up was done, we took nearly 4 hours to shoot the sequence. And it took me another 1 hour to remove the make-up. So I remained without eating anything from the time I started doing my make-up.”

    Abhishek always had the desire to dress up similar to the Lords of the Rings style. And he says this look and get-up was somewhere close to what he had desired. “Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. However, my co-actors wondered where I was, as they could not hear me talking or indulging in pranks for the whole day (laughs).”

    Check out Abhishek’s devilish look for the show right here. This sequence will go on air tonight.

    Three cheers, Abhishek!!



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