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    Default Raghav's badman come back!

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    Raghav and Kabir to indulge themselves into a fight.

    With the on going track of MTV Kaisi Yeh Yarrian about the FAB 4 moving to Manglore, lot of drama is spicing up on the show. We earlier reported about the water drama where Harshad (Abhishek Malik) was trying to gain sympathy from FAB 4 by creating a chaotic situation.

    Lets see what the makers have in the coming episodes...

    Our source says, "In the coming episode, Raghav and Kabir(Ayaz Ahmed) will come across each other after a long time in Manglore. Well, their first interaction will not be pleasant. They will be seen fighting with each other over food."

    Will Kabir and Raghav come together?

    To know more stay tuned here.



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