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    Default People still want to believe that children are born through photosynthesis - Veebha Anand

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    MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan (BBC Media) recently had Veebha Anand enacting some steamy sequences with co-star Abhishek Malik which raised quite many eyebrows. But when we quizzed the actor on the same, she was all upfront and said it is hypocrisy that has Indians shying away from such topics.

    “What our show is presenting is the reality of Indian youth. It is just that we do not want to accept it and feel we are the best and all pious. People still want to believe that children are born through photosynthesis. We are not promoting it, but I think it’s a normal thing for people and the huge cry over it is all useless,” said the actor.

    She further added, “I think our show is helping us bring topics like sex and homosexuality into the open so that people can be aware of the matter. The youth today is advanced and can understand things much maturely. The society will benefit if such discussions are made in the open rather than being hush-hush.”

    When asked Veebha on her take on pre-marital sex, she said, “Firstly I am not someone who would judge anyone by this. As for me I feel sex is an act of love and if I am committed to someone and feel he is the one, then why not. But yes, I can never go about getting close to random people.”

    The actor who has never been part of a youth show also gushed about her team. “I actually wanted to do a youth show to refresh myself and feel young. It is a very different experience and I am really enjoying every moment of it. We have so much masti on set that it can be said that there is Yaariyan off screen also,” concluded Veebha.

    Way to go girl!!!



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