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    Default I was initially very nervous to face the camera - Utkarsh Gupta

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    Having just started his career, Utkarsh Gupta is having the time of his life on the sets of his show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan (BBC Media) on MTV. When we spoke to the young boy on how he is getting along with the team, he replied, “It’s just amazing. We have become brothers for life. Parth (Samthan) and Ayaz (Ahmed) have become great friends and bonding is tight.”

    So what exactly made his character famous? “Since Dhruv’s character is a mysterious one, people have got hooked to it. Also since he has this varied shade of being violent on one side and having a soft corner on the other, has caught the fancy of the audiences.”

    When asked how he felt facing the camera for the first time, Utkarsh replied, “I was so very nervous and would go to my director after every scene and ask him about it. I would talk and discuss a lot with my directors to help me with my acts and now thankfully I have now become more confident. Now I think like Dhruv and feel his emotions and that helps.”

    And finally when we asked him about his different hairdo in the show, the young gun shared, “That is my contribution to my character as I wanted it to have an edge. I have always being interested in keeping different looks and enjoy changing my hairstyles.”

    Way to go Utkarsh!



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