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    Default Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo is a slice of life with quirk and humor: Mahesh Thakur

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    In this exclusive chat with Mahesh Thakur, he talks about his character and much more regarding Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo.

    Mahesh Thakur seen in Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali on Life OK has yet again bagged another show Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo on Disney Channel. The actor has been entertaining and pleasing the audience with his work over a decade now. Be it in on the big screen or the small screen, he has explored every genre.

    In this new venture of his, he will be seen in a comic role different than what he has played earlier.

    Read on!

    You've just worked with Renuka Shahane in Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali, yet again pairing up with her...

    Renuka is a great friend of mine. When you work with friends, it is the best thing that can happen to one. The comfort level with your friend is so good that we can work with ease.

    Your take on the entire concept of the show?

    It is not exactly a comedy show. It is a slice of life. In other words, it is humor. It is not like we are cracking a joke nor doing something funny. The fact is that everyone has got their own quirks as rightfully said. My character by itself is a funny character; babuji's character is a funny character. The characters are funny so they stand out. You will see the take whenever there is an issue, how they react, how response to the issues. It is the characterization that is funny.

    In most cases and shows, characters are stereotyped and have the same negative, positive, grey shade characters. How different is your show from other shows?

    This show is scripted in a way that it only has out and out positive characters. There is no negative element at all.

    With Disney India launching shows for the first time, it will have direct competition with channels like Bindass, Big Magic et al. what is your take over it?

    I do have anything to say about the competitions between the channels. Everybody works within their own space. All the channels do their best programming and also Disney India is trying to do good programming within their guidelines. Within their guidelines, we are trying to get some wholesome entertainment. I hope we are successful with what they are trying to do.

    Looks like lyrical titles have become a new trend these days.

    Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo is from a famous movie that movie from where we have got the rights for the song says it all. It is a slice of life. Life can go up, life can go down but you should be happy all the way. Be happy with the small things in life. Be happy that you have a life. Be happy that you have a family. Everything about life is so positive.

    You have several characters; how different is this from other shows?

    The character is different because it is coming down to the level of children to bond with them. He tries to talk their language 'LOL', 'ROFL' all those abbreviations. He goes into spirt even though he cannot run fast. He will play X Box to such a great extent that the children will get feed up of your game but he is still on playing. He has become a bigger kid than them. They are quite embarrassed about the fact that what is wrong with dad?' it is quite a cute character by itself.

    Lastly, message to your fans...

    I want to first thank them for watching me since over a decade and because of them is why I get work. If I didn't have a fan base, I wouldn't have got work. I thank them, respect them and I hope to entertain them. I just want to tell them to watch my the show.

    We wishes Mahesh Thakur all the luck for his upcoming venture!



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