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    Default True Difference Between Men And Women?

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    What Is The Difference Between Men And Women?
    1. A Successful Man Is One Who Makes More Money Than His Wife Can Spend. A Successful Woman Is One Who Can Find Such A Man.
    2. Men Wake Up As Good-Looking As When They Went To Bed. Women Somehow Deteriorate During The Night.
    3. A Man Will Pay $2 For A $1 Item He Wants. A Woman Will Pay $1 For A $2 Item That She Doesn’t Want.
    4. A Woman Marries A Man Expecting He Will Change, But He Doesn’t. A Man Marries A Woman Expecting That She Won’t Change, And She Does.
    5. There Are Two Times When A Man Doesn’t Understand A Woman Before And After Marriage.
    6. A Woman Worries About The Future Until She Gets A Husband. A Man Never Worries About The Future Until He Gets A Wife.
    7. To Be Happy With A Man, You Must Understand Him A Lot And Love Him A Little. To Be Happy With A Woman, You Must Love Her A Lot And Not Try To Understand Her At All.
    8. Any Married Man Should Forget His Mistakes. There’s No Use In Two People Remembering The Same Thing!
    9. A Woman Has The Last Word In Any Argument. Anything A Man Says After That Is The Beginning Of A New Argument.
    10. Women Look At A Wedding As The Beginning Of Romance, While Men Look Aat A Wedding As The Ending Of Romance.
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    Omg this is a great one And so true

    I am the best in the world at what i do.

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