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    A lady is falling from the top floor of the hotel. (She was leaning over the balcony when she fell) As she is falling an American catches her.<O</O
    WOMEN: Oh! Thank You, you saved my life, i'll do anything for you.<O</O
    AMERICAN : Ok sleep with me then<O</O
    WOMEN: Never you pig<O</O
    So the American drops her and she continues to fall. Next a German catches her.<O</O
    WOMEN: Wow you saved my life I’ll do anything.<O</O
    GERMAN:Ven you say anysing you mean ANYSING fraulien?<O</O
    WOMEN: Yes apart from sleeping with me.<O</O
    GERMAN: Oh to hell viz you zen.<O</O
    And he drops the women as well. While she is falling she says to herself I should have accepted the Americans offer. She thought if I had agreed then I wouldn't have to die. Suddenly a Muslim man catches her and she says:<O</O
    WOMEN: Oh Thank You, you saved my life,,,,,,,,, I’ll sleep with you.<O</O
    The Muslim man replies ASTAGFIRULLAH and drops her<O</O
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    ha ha ha good one.........



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