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    Default Man sits in a Bar

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    A Man sits in bar and drinks a lot. after a few more drinks he puke on his shirt.
    The drunk man stsrts crying : Oh no my wife said when I ever get so drunk again that I puke, she will leave me forever.
    The Barkeeper says: Calm Dowm. Take 10$ out of your wallet and put it in your Chestpocket, and when your wife ask what happend
    you say someone else puked on you and gave you 10$ to pay the cleaning.
    An Hour later the Guy stumbles Home. At Home his angry wife ask him: What happened to you?
    The drunk guy says: Dont be angry. Here someone else puked on me and gave me 10$ to pay the cleaning.
    The wife say: But these are not 10$ these are 20$
    The Man: Oh yeah and he also piss in my pants
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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