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    If blondes and bimbos were the same thing, the prefix 'bim' could be used to create new words that describe them:

    Bimbabble - noises coming from a group of blondes
    Bimbaffled - constant mental state of blondes
    Bimbait - short skirts, sheer blouses, string bikinis or other clothing worn by blondes in an attempt to attract the attention of males
    Bimbar - a bar where blondes hang out wearing bimbait
    Bimbag - a blonde's purse
    Bimbrushes - essential equipment in a bimbag
    Bimbastic surgeon - specialist in breast enhancements for blondes
    Bimbeeper - special instrument used as a homing device for lost blondes
    Bimbellow - sound emanating from a blonde after she finally got the most recent blonde joke she heard
    Bimbillion? - a blonde giving an estimate of anything
    Bimblaze - the result of a blonde trying to cook
    Bimblues - a blonde's state of mind after her latest boyfriend ditched her
    Bimboette - a young blonde
    Bimbonese - language spoken by blondes, largely unintelligible to anyone else
    Bimbonique behavior - airhead behavior, unique to blondes
    Bimboozle - to fool a blonde
    Bimbore - a blonde who uses "like" more than 10 times in a sentence
    Bimbozo - another name for a blonde
    Bimboron - a blonde even less intelligent than most other blondes
    Bimbrownie - a well-tanned blonde
    Bimbrunette - a blonde who dyes her hair brunette, usually to appear smarter than she actually is
    Bimburden - blonde carrying too many bags at the mall



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