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    Wife says to husband:come help me with the garden...

    HUSBAND:What do you think iam? A gardener?

    WIFE: Come fix the toilet faucet..

    HUSBAND: What do you think I am? A Plumber?

    Wife : Come fix the door handle.

    HUSBAND:What do you think I am? A Carpenter

    the husband went out but when he came back, he saw every thing is fixed...the garden,the toilet faucet and the door handle.

    He asked his wife ho had done all this?

    the wife said it's the neighbour's son he gave me two options.

    either make him a hambuger or have sex with him..

    Husband:I'm sure you made him a hamburger!!

    WIFE:What do you think iam?

    Mc Donalds???
    ...being a human...



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