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    Two Christians were lost in the Sahara desert .
    One is called George one is called Micheal .
    They were dying of hunger and thirst when they suddenly came upon an oasis , with what looked like an emirat of a mosque in the middle .

    Micheal said to George : "Look let's pretend we are muslim, otherwise these Arabs are going to kill us . I am going to call my self Mohammed."

    George refused to change his name, he said:" My name is George, and I will not pretend to be other than but what I am. ...George ."

    The Imam of the mosque received both well and asked about their names .
    Micheal said : "My name is Mohammed ."
    George said : My name is George. "

    The Imam turned to the helpers of the mosque and said :
    " Please bring some food and water for George only ."

    Then he turned to the other and said :
    “Well Mohammed I hope you are aware that we are still in the holy month of Ramadan.”

    The meaning of the name Akili is 'Wisdom, intellect, sense'.

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