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    Default Never LOVE a Software Girl...

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    Never marry a Testing girl since she always doubts U.
    Never marry a DATABASE girl since she always wants her husband to be a UNIQUE key.
    Never marry a C girl because she always have a tendency to BREAK the things and EXIT from house.
    Never marry a C++ girl as u may encounter some problems in INHERITANCE.
    Never marry a JAVA girl since she always throws EXCEPTIONS.
    Never marry a VB girl since she has divorce FORM with her always.
    Never marry a UNIX girl ,she always dump u with a core.
    Never marry a PASCAL girl ,she always scolds u as rascal.
    Never marry a COBOL girl since she may be very good in DIVISION of families.
    Never marry a NETWORK girl since she may be very good in shooting troubles.

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    Thanks ...................funny stuff

    The meaning of the name Akili is 'Wisdom, intellect, sense'.



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