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    1 if u drop ice cube just kick it under the fridge ... as i do
    2 if u r late thn dont go .........
    3 no T and S jst hit ACCEPT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    4 if its not on the first searching page thn the thing does nt exist ...
    5 dont charge ur phn till d tym it gets switched off due to low battery
    6 farther the remote iz the more i lyk whtz olready on TV
    7 why to make bed whn i hve to jst gonna back in it again
    8 if u spill water it will eventually dry
    9 if u have to say something more thnn once it wud nt worth the energy jst say KUCH NHEE so that u wont have to repeat it
    10 sryy em too lazy i cant type more will tell u rest ov d rulezzzzz later..............



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