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Thread: IBM Acronyms

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    Default IBM Acronyms

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    IBM: Itís Being Mended
    IBM: Inmense Ball of Muck
    IBM: I Believe in Memorex
    IBM: Itís Better than Macintosh!
    IBM: Idiots Built Me
    IBM: Intense Bowel Movement
    IBM: Inferior But Marketable?
    IBM: Iíve Been Mislead
    IBM: Itís Better Manually
    IBM: Infinitly Better Macintosh
    IBM: Indefinitly Boggled Machine
    IBM: I Bought a Mac
    IBM: I Blame Microsoft.
    IBM: I Bought Macintosh
    IBM: Iíll Buy Macintosh
    IBM: Iíve Been Moved
    IBM: Iíve Been Mugged
    IBM: Incontinent Bowel Movement
    IBM: Identical Blue Men
    IBM: Idiotic Bit Masher
    IBM: Idiots Become Managers
    IBM: Incompatible Business Machines
    IBM: Incredibly Boring Machine
    IBM: Infernal Bloody Monopoly
    IBM: Institute of Black Magic
    IBM: Internal Beaurocratic Mess
    IBM: International Brotherhood of Magicians
    IBM: Intolerant of Beards and Mustaches
    IBM: Itíll Be Messy
    IBM: Itís Backwards, Man
    IBM: Itty Bitty Machines
    IBM: Itty Bitty Morons
    IBM: It Barely Moves
    IBM: I Buy Mainframes
    IBM compatible Ė IBM contemptible
    Submitted by raja.



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