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    Wink Heralal and the bald man [Hindi Joke]

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    A man Named Heralal ... Stand Near a Office and Watch Persons Coming and going..... One bald man was coming Heralal Said to him

    मेरा नाम है हीरालाल
    किसके सर पे किते बाल

    (he said this for many days to man ) THE MAN DECIDED TO DO something ...

    he gone there again an He replied

    मेरे सर पे इतने बाल
    की फस जायेगा हीरालाल ... now heralal decide to do something..

    nd the man comes there nd heralal replied

    गोली चली बाय से
    बाल उड़े दाय से
    उड़े गय देखो सारे बाल
    बच गया देखो हीरालाल ...

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