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    * Gal:How Much u Love Me?
    Boy:Like SHAJAHAN
    Gal:Then Wen vl u Build TAJMAHAL?
    Boy:Already Purchasd Land Now Waiting 4 ur Death.

    * Prof: Dfine Seminar...?
    Stud: Seminar is defined as process in wich 1 person spoils his sleep 4 1 ni8 in an effort to mak othrs 2 sleep..

    * A guy goes 2 Interview.
    Manager : Wat is ur place of Birth?
    Guy: Thiruvananthpura
    Manager: Spell it?
    Guy: No..No..Its Goa...!

    * Movie Director,"Now u hav 2 jump 4rm 10th flor
    " Actor,"But suppose I got injurd r kild
    " Dir:"Tats Idea,coz its last scene of Movie"

    * Newly married couple went 2 a Restuarant.
    Husband: Darling,now v r just like 1 person.
    Wife: Its ok.But dont 4get 2 order lunch 4 2.

    * Mukesh n Anil hav bn advisd 2 take large doses of Hajmola!! Why??? ? ? ? cos Hajmola guarantees 2 solve al ur GAS prbs!!

    * Crak n Jak wer watchng bungee jumpng.
    Crak: Wana try it?
    Jak: No way.I was born bcos of brokn rubber n I dont wana die bcos of it!

    * Doctorls tak 3 spoonfuls of this medicine daily at night
    Patient:I Cant do tat
    Patient:I have 1ly 1 Spoon at my home

    * Sonad,v vl soon Bcom Vry RICH.
    Father:Wat makes u say so,my Son.?
    Son:2mrw,my Teacher vl teach me how 2 convert Paisa In2 Rupees.

    * Teacher:How com you do not comb your hair?
    Boy:No comb, Sir.
    Teacher:Use ur dad's then.
    Boy: No hair, Sir.

    * Wife 2 Husband : In da past month u said 'I Love You' 3 times 1ce 2 a Pizza, 1ce 2 a Sports Team n 1ce 2 ur Reflection.

    * Crak:wat R U doin?
    Jak:Recording dis baby voice.
    Crak:y? Jak:Wen he grows up,I shal ask him wat he meant by dis?

    * Wife: I hate da Beggar who came yesterday!
    Husband: Y?
    Wife: I gave him food yesterday n 2day he gifted me Book "How 2 Cook"!!

    * Galfren 2 Boyfren:The time has com wen v shud get Married.
    Boyfren: Tats OK,but who vl Marry us?

    * Written outside a temple:
    Q: Y shud v blieve in GOD?
    A: Bcos ther r stil som ques wich cannot b answrd by GOOGLE.

    * Gal: Will you still love me when my hair turns to silver.
    Boyid not I love u through 4 other shades?

    * Crak was SHOPPING
    Shopkeeper: Sir,Do u want POCKET CALCULATOR.?
    Crak: No Thanx.I know how many Pockets i hav..!

    * In 1OO Mtr Race,It Was Announced 1 2 3 Start Al Startd Running Except Crack
    Coach:y r u Stil Waiting?
    Crack:My No Is 4

    * Son: Daddy,4+3 How Much?
    Krak: Idiot,u dont know anything? Go n bring calculator 4rm inside.I vl teach.

    * Wash ur Mobile Cut it In2 Smal P ces Fry it Ad Spices N Som Oil ur Mob Pickle is Ready do it if u dont call or SMS Me..

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