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    Default One of the funniest matches in football (Real Joke)

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    One of the funniest matches in football: Arsenal VS Spartak Moscow (1925)

    Fog was covering the pitch (White Hart lane), and it was too hard to see, impossible to play a match.

    But the ref refused to cancel the match, because the other team came all the way from Russia...

    Anyway the match was a total mess, an Arsenal player was sent off because he kept arguing with the ref,he came back in to the match later and the ref didn't notice him...Spartak made a change, but the subbed player didn't go off the pitch, the match continued this way and the ref wasn't able to see anything...

    At a moment in that match, Spartak played with 15 players...Arsenal players started to feel something was wrong, but nobody was able to count the players...

    And the real problem was when the arsenal keeper got injured because his head smashed into the post while trying to save a ball... the keeper went out of the game, and a fan jumped there instead of him ,and nobody notice



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