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    Gary and Martin were standing at the urinals in a public lavatory, when Gary glanced over and noticed that Martin's peni$ was twisted like a corkscrew. "Wow," Gary said. "I've never seen one like that before."

    "Like what?" Martin said.

    "All twisted like a pig's tail," Gary said.

    "Well, what's yours like?" Martin said.

    "Straight, like normal," Gary said.

    "I thought mine was normal until I saw yours," Martin said.

    Gary finished what he was doing and started to give his old boy a shakedown prior to putting it back in his pants. "What did you do that for?" Martin said.

    "Shaking off the excess drops," Gary said. "Like normal."

    "&%$#@ !," Martin said. "And all these years I've been wringing it."

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