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    If animals have Facebook, these are the most likely to be their Status Update...****roach: Managed to skip from someone's foot step.... Man, I lead a dangerous life :-P
    Mosquito: I am HIV positive this is all due to wrong :-/
    Chicken: If tomorrow I am not updating my status means I am being served at KFC...! Luv u all :-*
    Octopus: I have just refilled my ink.... Hurray!!:-)
    Pig: Oh gosh they throw the gossips that I am spreading flu.... WTF!
    Goat: Friends don't go out Eid holiday is cuming :-(
    Pig writes a comment on Goat's status: Luckily I am Haram :-P |4 LIKES|
    Goat replies: Don't you remember that after Eid, it's Chinese New Year ;-) :-P

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