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    Default I got my first salary at the age of 17 - Heena Parma

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    Actress Heena Parmar, talks about her first salary and shares the memories associated with it in this conversation with us.

    Nothing feels greater than getting your first salary which you earn it with your hard work. No matter how much we earn today but first salary always remains special in one's life that is to be cherished forever.

    We quizzes your favorite stars about their first salary and their memories related to their first salary and that memorable day of their life. This time we got in touch with the popular actress Heena Parmar who is seen as Anarkali in Zee TV' Jodha Akbar.

    Talking about her first salary, Heena told us, "I got my first cheque of Rs.1,800/- when I was 17. That time I was going to Franklin classes where we had a compulsory task of taking a customer service experience. And near my classes there was a Dominos outlet so, I worked there for an hourly basis. It was my first job, I used to get Rs.20 for an hour so I used to work along with my classes and at the end of the month I got my first check."

    Heena's father believes in saving some part of the first salary and donating it. Sharing the same Heena adds, "I remember, I gave some part of my first salary to my father and he donated it. But later on I did not do anything great from my salaries except that of spending it on my needs (smiles)."

    Recently Heena spent her salary and helped HIV girls, we buzzed her to know in detail about he same and she says, "Yes, I celebrated my birthday with the small girls who are suffering from HIV. I had organized a dinner for them and I was celebrating my special day with them. I felt really glad and blissful to do it. I have thought of following the same every month."

    Well, Heena it's indeed a good thought!



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