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    Default Rukayya Begum gets a selfie with Salman Khan

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    The actress did not wait for a second when she saw the Dabangg Khan shooting for his upcoming movie near the set of Jodha Akbar and rushed to meet him!

    While Salman Khan has been at the receiving end of a lot of fanfare over the years, an incident couple of days ago had him completely speechless and grinning. The dabangg Khan was shooting for his upcoming movie in Karjat very close to the sets of Zee TV's historical drama - Jodha Akbar. Seeing the actor, getting out of his vanity van, Lavina Tandon ( who plays Rukayya Begum of Jodha Akbar) immediately sprinted to meet the star.

    Being the chivalrous man he is, Salman spent a good amount of time chatting up with the beautiful lady, talking about his upcoming film and her show Jodha Akbar'. While Lavina was on cloud nine on meeting Salman Khan, Salman was stunned to see Lavina suddenly race from her set next door to meet him. If sources are to be believed, the two did not just chat up, but also ended up clicking selfies. Fulfilling her dream of meeting the superstar, Lavina's happiness knew no bounds after having a word with him. We asked Lavina for her pictures with Salman but she said, "No! This is my personal, private, prized possession ... I don't want this for publicity!"

    The visual of a much adorned Mughal era royalty clicking a selfie with a contemporary superstar was striking and had the unit members of Salman's film chuckling! Do we get to see Lavina in any of Salman's forthcoming films? All the best, Rukayya!



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