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    Default Will Jodha Akbar be blessed with a child yet again?

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    After losing their twins, the couple is soon to encounter a miracle that will change their lives forever…

    Devastated after having lost their twins, Jodha and Akbar’s lives have come to a standstill. Jodha continues to blame her own callousness for the death of her newborns. Losing his faith in the almighty, Akbar turns himself into a cruel, heartless king and announces the war of Chittorgarh soon after the death of his young ones. Akbar fights this battle by himself and kills 35,000 Rajvanshis.

    Bringing a ray of hope back in their lives, will be Baba Salim Chisti, who will call on to meet Akbar after having heard about the mass destruction caused by him during the war of Chittorgarh. Initially reluctant to meet him, Akbar will visit him once only to tell him that come what may, his belief in the almighty will never revive. After reaching the mahal, Akbar realizes that Salim Chisti had also called upon Jodha and had expressed the desire to meet the two, only to help them get over their past and look at the bright future ahead. As time passes, the couple’s love for each other begins to rekindle and Jodha is able to conceive again after a lot of difficulty. Salim Chisti, then, requests Akbar to ask for forgiveness from all those who he had wronged during the war of Chittorgarh so that Jodha can give birth to their baby and the couple can get rid of all the curses.

    It turns out that Akbar had killed an innocent soldier in front of the man’s own wife and son during the war. The wife in question had cursed him from the bottom of her heart. Akbar will be seen going back to Chittorgarh to ask for forgiveness from the wife of the dead man.

    Will Akbar be successful in seeking forgiveness from the woman who was widowed by him? Will the two have the privilege of witnessing parenthood yet again?

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    Jodha has always thought about others well being, so Jodha will get a third son,to be named Salim



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