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    Default I am open to enacting romantic scenes with Rajat (Tokas): Paridhi Sharma

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    Controversies have been a part and parcel of Ekta Kapoor’s successful venture Jodha Akbar on Zee TV. But things have settled for the best and the lead of the show who was much in news for reasons like sexual assault at the hands of her director Santram Verma has finally found solace.

    “I am thoroughly enjoying shooting for Jodha Akbar,” said Paridhi to us in a chirpy tone today but this wasn’t the case earlier. As reported in the media the actress was even contemplating quitting her show.

    When asked if Santram was affecting her professional life to an extent, she stated, “It’s all over and I don’t want to talk about the past. In the present, I am happy that Santram won’t shoot with me. I have been shooting with other directors especially Gautam Nagrath. I had spoken to Ekta (Kapoor) Maam and things are in place now.”

    What about doing romantic scenes with Rajat Tokas (Akbar)? (The actress earlier had inhibitions when it came to shooting a consummation scene that was to take place between Jodha and Akbar – majorly the kissing scene.) “Yes, I did have issues especially with the kiss scene which was altered later. In fact, a dupe was used in the scenes as I wasn’t comfortable in doing that. So everything is running nice and smooth. In the future I will enact romantic scenes with Rajat provided I am comfortable in them.”

    There are constantly reports about you being at loggerheads with Rajat. “I wouldn’t give air to that, and all I would say is that we both are very professional. We support each other in our scenes and we have no issues with each other,” confirmed the actress.

    Is your personal life at ease with some harmony at your professional end? “I always had time to get back home for I never shot beyond 12 hours a day but now I have a Sunday off (smiles). Apart from that I get back home from Baroda at least four days a week.”

    Looks like the actress is in a happy zone these days!

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    Grt insight into the controversies. Thank u.

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