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    Default 10 unknown interesting facts about Paridhi Sharma

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    Beautiful actress Paridhi Sharma, who began acting in TV serials with shows like Tere Mere Sapne and Ruk Jaana Nahin, is currently mesmerizing the audience with her elegant looks, princess like beauty and her portrayal as Jodha in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar.

    A soft spoken and down-to-earth person, Paridhi has been compared with Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai as she too had played a similar role on the large screen.

    We bring some interesting unknown facts about Paridhi for the benefit of our readers.

    1. Out of 7000 nationwide auditions, Ekta Kapoor picked the charming actress to play the role of Jodha.

    2. The beautiful lady is a pure vegetarian.

    3. Paridhi does not believe in dieting.

    4. The actress loves the colour pink because of its vibrant look.

    5. The enthralling Jodhabai loves to paint and dance in her free time. She is very passionate about these two hobbies.

    6. Paridhi does not believe in shopping from outlets that have a ‘sale’. She feels the products on sale are low on quality.

    7. The good-looking actress is a married woman in real life. Yes! She is married to Tanmay Saxena who is not from the industry.

    8. Paridhi has studied marketing and has done her MBA too but soon realized that she was better off in acting. Hailing from Indore, she did a lot of plays there.

    9. In real life, Paridhi is a simple girl and find it frustrating to wear heavy jewellery all the time. She however has to wear the same as her character demands it.

    10. Paridhi hates eating momos; she believes that they taste very weird.

    Well, this is our list. Did we miss anything? Feel free to share more facts about Paridhi or any of your favourite stars with us.



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