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    Default Mumbai has been extra kind to me – Zaan Khan

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    The recently launched show Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Love Story has just seen the entry of a dashing young boy Dhruv who has come as the ‘new guy’ in Anjali’s life post her break up.

    We were the first one to inform you that the character of Dhruv will be played by young and good looking Zaan Khan. Although the team has been busy toiling hard in Delhi shooting, Zaan spoke to us taking time out from his busy schedule and shared his slice of life with us.

    “Born and brought up in Bhopal I always desired to be a singer although I am not trained but can sing better than bathroom singers (laughs). But as the film Satyagrah was shot in my city, I decided to give it a try and thankfully was roped in for the character of a youth leader. Although it wasn’t a very prominent role I was there with the team throughout and that got me learning more about the skill,” shared the actor.

    Further he added, “Just seeing Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn and Manoj Bajpayee working made me a better person and actor. Big B who has been in the industry for so long is such a passionate actor and all of them along with Prakash Jha had quite a positive effect on me. This made me decide on coming to Mumbai and its been four months since I moved here.”

    Bagging a lead in just four months, does he feel lucky about the fact? “Of course, Mumbai has been extra kind to me and made me learn everything about auditioning, having faith in oneself and toiling hard for a role (smiles). I did get opportunities for cameos and episodic based show but I wanted to wait for a lead and my patience bore me the sweetest fruit in the way of Jhalli,” admitted Zaan.

    And finally feeling glad to be a part of Rose Audio Visual Pictures, the cute boy averred, “Being a newcomer I feel humbled that they selected me as their lead hero. My hard work and talent was accepted by them, what more can I ask. Insha allah my work will lead me further high in my career.”

    We are sure you will Zaan!



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