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    Default Krishna Mukherjee talks about her acting debut with Channel V's Jhalli Anjali

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    The very lovely and ravishing Krishna Mukherjee, who is seen to be playing Sheena on Channel Vs, Jhalli Anjali, under the Rose Audio Visual Films shared a few interesting facts concerning her personal life. Read further as she unfolded facts much alike these related to the plot of this show.

    Krishna does seem to be very excited with her new venture, Ive made my debut in acting with Jhalli Anjali and since its a youth oriented based show it feels absolutely good. I cannot even express how excited I am. When I was first approached and asked to act for the show I thought of giving it a try and I think it worked out pretty well. I auditioned for the show through an influence and I was gradually selected. When I became aware about the fact of being selected I was shocked and surprised. It was one of the best feelings ever, hard to even describe.

    She describes her journey as she reckons to take her first steps in the television space. I started off by acting under Ashton Lobo for a musical theatre and that was how I got rid of the camera fear. It was then when I had to connect to five hundred people sitting in the audience. It was obviously a difficult task earlier but as it is rightly said that, one only achieves mastery at a particular art after spending ample amount of time in its presence. The same happened to me I got used to acting and now it seems to be effortless to act on television. If I had to describe myself in a few words Id say that I am a simple down to earth girl. After watching me on Jhalli Anjali people may wonder about me being rude and *****y at all times. I am not so at all, in fact I am completely the opposite.

    Lets get a load of her character description and figure what it is all about? I am playing the character of Sheena, an impudent and blunt girl by nature. She is apparently dating Angad in the show and treats him like complete trash even though she loves him a lot. But I guess its all stored in her nature and makes Angad her slave. The other factor that makes Sheena so different is the reason of her being wealthy and thus she will start to throw around many tantrums which will make her look more like a brazen character in the show.

    Are there any sudden twists and turns in your show? Yes. With that truly said there will also be another entry in the middle of the show. Zaan Khan would be the other entry; once Angad ends his relation with Anjali, Zaan Khan would start dating her. So that would be the twist in the show which will eventually draw more focus from the audience. That would most probably happen after ten or fifteen episodes from now. And as scheduled for the month of September, Angad will get back to Anjali after he realises his loss of breaking up with her.

    Krishna not only appears to be happy with her screen space but also prefers the television space more than Bollywood. I am not expecting much after this show, my viewers dislike my character but that just simply means that I am doing a pretty good job. Speaking about opportunities, I have already been approached by the director of another show to play the lead. So I think as far as opportunities are concerned I think I am pretty sorted. Obviously it is hard work that has bagged me this role.

    What about the rapport that she shares with her cast? My rapport with my cast has been amazing. Its a positive environment to work in and it feels like home. We (the cast) spend time having lunch together and enjoy to the fullest on as well as off sets. As a whole I find the television industry more comfortable in terms of functioning and therefore I wouldnt want to shell out and move towards Bollywood, Id rather stick to television itself. It is not easy to connect to the teenage audience however Kohposh Sapru (Angad) is very obliging and considerate. He assists me in my work which I find very thoughtful of him.

    Well, we wishes Krishna all the very best!



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