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    Default Humility for me is the secret to success- Zaan Khan

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    The good looking and charming Zaan Khan who plays the lead in Channel Vís Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Love Story (Rose Audio Visualís Pvt Ltd) recently had a star moment when he went home in Bhopal for Eid- the first time after his show hit screens four months back.

    ďI was welcomed lovingly by all my relatives and it was such a warm one. I really felt nice to have all of them around me. Also the Bhopal media came down to my place to take some interviews and that was definitely a different experience altogether. People also recognised me in the malls and that surely gave me a great feeling,Ē shared the young guy.

    When asked whether he felt like a hero, Zaan defended himself and said, ďI am a humble person by nature and I feel that I still have a long way to go. Humility for me is the secret to success and I will never let success go to my head. Also my mother keeps me grounded for she never thinks that anything is big. She always pushes me to do more and better.Ē

    And finally when we asked him about the show, the actor smiled to say, ďItís going really great. The TRPs have constantly been growing and with the show going tri-weekly, we are putting in all the more efforts. Thankfully the weather has become pleasant and thus we are enjoying our stint here in Delhi. This being my first show I am getting to learn a lot and polish my acting skills. I am really thankful to Allah to have given me all of these.Ē

    Well said Zaan!



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