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    Default Anjali to create unwanted drama in Channel V's Jhalli Anjali...

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    The entire college will gear up for the yearly competition in Channel Vís Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story (Rose Audio Visual Pvt. Ltd). And if sources are to be believed there will be a huge drama at the end of this Student Of The Year sort of a competition.

    As per a reliable source, Anjaliís (Chandani Bhagwanani) cousin sister Amisha and her friend Dhruv will win the competition but unfortunately it wonít be a happy moment for Dhruv.

    If sources are to be believed, Anjali will be told that Dhruv has abandoned a girl after making her pregnant. Thus, an agitated Anjali will reach the hall where Dhruv will be about to received the trophy and blurt out the information on hand. This will irk the Principal of the college who will decide on not handing over the trophy to Dhruv.
    Will there be any truth behind this accusation drama?

    Well there will be no truth to it. In fact, Yuvraj, one of the classmates, will lie to Anjali about all of it.

    Whether Anjali will learn about the truth and rectify her mistake is something for the viewers to wait and watch.

    When contacted Chandani she said, ďThe kind of person Anjali is she cannot see anything bad happening to anyone. At the same time she does not even investigate into matter she reacts to things with what she sees right in front of her.Ē

    Keep watching this space for more on the show.



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