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    Default Kudos to Rajan Shahi for Jamuna Paar- Ankur Verma

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    Ankur Verma who debut with Rajan Shahi's new upcoming show Jamuna Paar on Imagine shares his background, his experience working for his first show on small screen and many more with Tellybuzz exclusively.

    Here we go…

    Tell us something about your background.

    I am basically from Rotak in Haryana. I have done a couple of Punjabi music videos there and also ventured into modeling for some time. I have also completed my graduation from Rotak and after that moved to Delhi where I started my professional career as a model. I stayed there for a year and then I debuted in television. My family comprises of my parents, brother and sister. I am the first one to venture in to acting as I always wanted to be an actor for long long time.

    How you got the role of Biju in Rajan Shahi's new show Jamuna Paar? Tell us something about your character.

    Directors Kut was looking for a fresh face and they saw my music video in You Tube. After an initial discussion, I shot my audition video and sent them. After a few look tests and auditions I got the role of Bijju. Bijju Katewa lives in Jamuna Paar, Delhi with his huge, joint-family comprising of grandparents, parents, brother and his family, and also his father's elder brother and his wife. Bijju lives life on his own terms and does exactly what his heart says. This show has everything but the most interesting aspect of the show is how the love story will unfold.

    According to you what is the USP of the show?

    The story and the screenplay along with dialogues, I can say with confidence that the dialogues you will listen to in this show are awesome. People have never heard that before. The characterization and the casting for the show is also par excellence. If you look at my character, I don't have to put lot of effort for the body language and the dialect because I hail from Haryana. On the other hand, Vidhi is also like her character in the show. Rajan Sir is quite famous for his casting and I am sure audience will like the actors and the character they playing in the show. That is the USP for me.

    Is Jamuna Paar is like Band Baaja Baraat...

    No not at all. You can say Bijju is like Ranvir Singh's character in the movie. Our body language and persona may be matching each other but that's it... there was no other similarities.

    Directors Kut has given actors like Sara Khan, Parul Chauhan and Angad Hasija - is Ankur Verma the new starlet of the industry?

    Yes I know that DKP has given so many good actors to the industry. And also Rajan Sir has helped me and Vidhi immensely for our debut show. The amount of confidence, faith and patience he has showed in us is amazing and I will be always grateful for that. To be honest, I am not thinking of anything right now - we are shooting round the clock and I am giving my 100% to Jamuna Paar. Hope our hard work will get its reward. I am getting positive vibes from my show and I hope it is not wrong. I have seen DKP's show Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and also witnessed the 800th episode celebration recently, Kudos to Rajan Sir for making such a marvelous show.

    How was shooting in Delhi?

    We have explored Delhi in a different way - I have seen many unseen parts of North Delhi. It's always a memorable experience when you are shooting on the road, on the famous landmarks. Delhi people are also amazing they have been very co-operative throughout our Delhi stint.

    You always wanted to be an actor you said - do you think television is a good medium to start with...

    Television has become the prime source of entertainment now - and no one can deny that. Yes I would love to be in films too but right now my main focus is to achieve my name and fame as a good actor in small screen. If I am good then work will follow me.



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