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    Default Imagine's Jamuna Paar lead voice to be dubbed...

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    Neha Sargam dubs for newbie Vidhi Parekh...

    Imagine's Jamuna Paar, produced by Rajan Shahi, has introduced a new face to television. The show will soon see Vidhi Parekh as the female lead.

    Using a dupe in television is common but we hear that Vidhi Parekh's voice has been dubbed for the show. Vidhi's original voice is not being used in the show and we exclusively brings to you the face behind the voice. It is none other than Neha Sargam who made her debut with Rajan Shahi's Chand Chupa Badal Mein as Nivedita and who is now seen in Imagine's Haar Jeet. Neha is doing the dub as Vidhi is new to the industry and she is still learning voice modulation."

    We contacted Vidhi who confirmed the news, "Yes it's true that my voice is being dubbed by someone else. I don't know who is dubbing for me.It's because I am new to the industry and I don't have much idea about voice modulation. So it's a temporary arrangement and I assure you that the audience won't even realize when my actual voice is used."

    We contacted Rajan Shahi who told us, " Yes Neha is dubbing for Vidhi's voice as she is new to the industry and does not have much knowledge about voice modulation. It's a temporary measure. I am really grateful to Neha that she is doing this for us."



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