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    Default Zee TV launches its new show Jamai Raja!

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    Zee TV launches its new show Jamai Raja today and will be soon hitting the television screens.

    Zee TV is all set and excited to launch it's new show Jamai Raja. While the promos are already out the concept seems to be very innovative and promising. Our society has been following the rituals where the lady of the house acts as a keeper and the man rules. How interesting it would be to see a son in law doing all those thing which should be done by a daughter in law? Isn't this exciting?

    Jamai Raja is sure to steal hearts of masses by the amazing star cast which includes Nia Sharma, Ravi Dubey, Achint Kaur, Apara Mehta, Delnaaz Irani, Shruti Ulfat. Besides this amazing star cast, the show has a modern concept which will try to change people's traditional and orthodox mentality.

    The show Jamai Raja is produced by Ashwini Yardi and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar's first television project under the banner Grazing Goats Pictures. Ashwini and Akshay are co-producing the show with Sagar Pictures.

    Elaborating little on the story line, the story revolves around Siddharth (Ravi Dueby) who is well established and renowned hotelier tries to solve the problems and the estranged relationship between his wife Roshni and mother in law Durga Devi.

    While Achint Kaur is seen in a very strong character the one who has seen a lot in her life and has reached to a level after struggling and fighting with poverty. DD (Durga Devi) follows certain principles and ideologies which is not liked by her daughter Roshni (Nia Sharma). Although Roshni has brought up in a luxurious background however, she is not a spoiled child. She in fact feels strongly for the underprivileged and runs an NGO for their welfare. Roshni don't want the luxurious life given by her mother instead she wants her precious time and love. Now among these opposite characters Siddharth has a big task to sort out the differences between them, let's see how does he manage?

    So just wait and watch for this amazing trend setter show.



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