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    Default The first ever salary which I earned was in the form of stipend - Nia Sharma

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    The much loved actor Nia Sharma talks about her first salary and shares the memories associated with it in this conversation with us.

    Nothing feels greater than getting your first salary which you earn it with your hard work. No matter how much we earn today but first salary always remains very special in one's life that is to be cherished forever.

    We quizzed your favorite stars about their first salary and their memories related to the salary and that day. This time we got in touch with the beautiful actress of television Nia Sharma who is currently seen as Roshni in popular show Jamai Raja on Zee TV.
    Talking about her first salary, Nia told us, "When I was in college I used to do an internship, so the first ever salary which I earned was in the form of stipend for Rs. 2500 per month in HDFC Bank. Simultaneously I was a moderator and for an hour or two I used to get 2500 again. I remember collecting my amount and then going out and spending it on buying clothes and more. This I am talking about my initial time of getting stipend.

    Now I don't know what is saving. The money keeps coming in my account, I keep collecting it and whenever I get time from my daily schedule of shooting because every day we shoot continuously and don't get time to see outer world.

    So when I get one off I go out and spend without giving a second thought that how much I am spending. I don't even calculate after coming back that how much I have spent. So I never have any inkling that how much I spend when I go on shopping as I never care to even calculate.

    My mother always says that baby bother about your money, but I never do that. I am not a spend thrift person is just that my necessity is my clothes and shoes. So when I get an off I definitely go and shop for myself."

    We wishes Nia Sharma all the best for the future.



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