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    Default Meet Ravi Dubey... the ghar jamai of Indian television

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    He is handsome, dashing and an eye candy for most women. And we are talking about Ravi Dubey.

    After his impressive stint in Saas Bina Sasural, the good-looking lad is back in the fiction fray with Zee TV’s Jamai Raja (Sagar Pictures and Grazing Goats Pictures).

    “I was waiting for an opportunity where I could do something different. Jamai Raja is innovative and the approach of the show is unique unlike other saas-bahu sagas. I am sure people will love watching it. After Saas Bina, I was waiting for an offer which would have made me jump with excitement and Jamai Raja did that,” says Ravi.

    “Prior to a show being launched, I know everyone talks about how it would be different but later everything fizzles out. But with this show I can promise that it would be a trend-setter of sorts,” he adds.

    Well, now that Ravi is a jamai (married to actress Sargun Mehta) in real life too, what does he have to say about the concept of ghar jamai?

    “I have a very neutral perspective on the concept of ghar jamai as it is very intent based. I feel where a person’s heart lies is where he would direct his actions. With regards to me being a jamai, Sargun has inherited the same values and culture of her mother and she shares a very good bond with mine and her mother, so I do not have to balance situations in real life as I would be seen doing in the show.“

    We wish you all the best with your new endeavor Ravi!!!



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