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    Default Love for me is Sargun Mehta - Ravi Dubey

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    Ravi Dubey is much celebrated for his roles in 12/24 Karol Bagh, Saas Bina Sasural and now Jamai Raja on Zee TV. He not only charms people with his sophisticated behavior but also his sense of attitude towards life. Let’s get to know what are his likes and dislikes in our rapid fire segment.

    What is your comfort food after a hard day’s work?

    I like eating seekh kebabs with cold drink.

    Most played songs on your iPod?

    I keep listening to Swag Mera Desi from Raftaar and Mere Mehboob by Kishore Kumar.

    If you were to get stuck somewhere with no phone or internet, where would it be and with whom?

    I would obviously get stuck only with Sargun (Mehta, his wife) and it can be anywhere in the world.

    Live-in or marriage?

    I am a married man and I am enjoying this phase of my life, so it would be marriage for me. But if I have to give my opinion, I think it all depends on the comfort level a couple shares to arrive at a decision of choosing between marriage and live-in.

    Love is…

    Love is Sargun Mehta.

    Sex is…

    Sex is an integral part of a relationship. Apart from compassion, love, care and responsibilities, there is also physicality required to make a relationship successful.

    Craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?

    The craziest rumour was during the time I was shooting for Yahaan Ke Hum Sikandar where people believed that I had an affair with my on-screen sister, Toral Rasputra. The fact was that we shared the bond of siblings off-screen too.

    What is best done slowly: eating or kissing?

    Kissing should be done slowly.

    Every person needs?

    Every person needs the right spouse. I think majority of one’s life depends upon the conditioning and decision making made by a couple.

    What is something that you need to stop doing immediately?

    I need to stop being involved overtly into things, primarily my work.

    What have you always wanted to do but never done?

    I am a very spontaneous person so I never keep anything what I want to do for later.

    One word that describes you?

    I am a loving person. I can go to any length to fulfill things for the people I love.



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