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    Default "Acting is my identity" - Apara Mehta

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    After doing all trend setter shows Apara Mehta seems enthused for her new show Jamai Raja .

    Senior actress Apara Mehta has come a long way in her Television career. After working for such a long time she doesn't feels exhausted and is always happy and excited about her work. We got in touch with her to know about her journey in the industry, her love for acting, about the character...

    Talking about the modern concept of Jamai Raja she says "Society has to change and so do concepts we can't show something that is 50 years old. We need to bring change and its people like us who can bring change. Our society can only change when all of us will change our mentality. I will be happy if this show and its modern concept contributes to even one percent change in people's mentality."

    Do you think this show will be a trend setter for audience? "Lets hope so, till now I have done all trend setter shows like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka, Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo and even Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai is different. So I just hope this turns out the same way.

    When asked her what appeals her more Theater, Television or Films? "Theater is my priority television is equally good and if I get to do films I would do. Films do not matter to me because today even film stars are doing shows."

    Apara Mehta is well known for her roles in Gujarati theatre sharing about her love for Gujarati theatre she says "Gujarati theatre is very advanced and we make lot of money. As Gujaratis we try to bring art and economy together. I make it a point that I do tell people that I don't do theatre for satisfaction and money, I do it for happiness. In Mumbai itself I do 36 shows in a month."

    You will be doing two shows together, how do you manage? "I work for 20 hours with no offs and with this I manage to look after my family also, being a women I have to be multi tasking. My work gives me satisfaction and pleasure and I never feel tired working in this industry."

    Talking about her character she says "I am playing the role of Nani who is fun loving and I can easily relate to the character because in real life I am a very fun loving person."

    Talking about the equation she shares with team, she says "We all are friends and they all love me a lot."

    Sharing about her love for acting she says, "Acting is my identity. If someone comes and asks me the question that if you would have not been an actor then what would you have been? I never have any answer for this because I think nothing gives me pleasure but acting. Though I have learned dancing and singing but acting gives me an overall satisfaction. It has given me name, fame and money; this career has taken me till Prime Minister's house."

    She concludes, "I want to tell all my fans to educate their daughters so that she can be in independent and she doesn't become target of violence."

    Well said Apara , we wish you good luck for the new show.



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