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    Default Ankita Sharma to play a cameo in the maha episode of Big Magicís Jai Maa Vindhyavasini

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    The beautiful Ankita Sharma, who was last seen in Life OKís Amrit Manthan, will be seen in Big Magicís Jai Maa Vindhyavasini (Khalome Media). Playing herself in the show, the actress will be seen comforting the leading lady Gauri (Divya Malik) in her troubles.

    On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in the show, a new twist will engulf the lives of Gauri and Shiv (Sashank Sethi). While the celebrations will be going on with a lot of gusto, Soorajbhan (Nirmalkanth) will be busy plotting his marriage with Gauri using Vikram (Yash Gera) as a pawn.

    While Gauriís sister-in-law Kamla will be fully aware of Soorajbhanís evil plan, she will not reveal anything to the family. And ever since the proposal, Gauri and Shiv will be at loggerheads. Shiv, who will try to save Gauri, from the wretched Soorajbhan at the cost of his life, will plan to move out of her life.

    As a source informs us, ďThis is when Ankita will come in the scene. She will visit the Ganpati Pandal as a guest where she will bump into Gauri who will pour her heart out to her. Ankita will then comfort her and try to solve out her miseries.Ē

    So will Gauri find out about Soorajbhanís ploy or will the latter be successful in marrying her? Will Shiv be able to expose Soorajbhan and prove his love for Gauri?

    For answers to these, tune into Big Magic this Saturday (14 September 2013) at 6.30pm.



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