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    Default Raj Mange makes a comeback; Rishabh Sharma goes on a break in Sahara One’s Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali

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    The chota packet bada dhamaka Raj Mange is back on Sahara One’s Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali!!!

    Raj, who gained great popularity playing Bal Hanuman in the above Sagar Arts’ show, made an exit from the project after the plot took a leap, thus bringing in grown up Hanuman in Rishabh Sharma.

    In an earlier interview with us, the kid’s parents shared with us that Raj also wanted to take break from the hectic working schedule and focus on studies and enjoy his flowery childhood days.

    But as John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

    The current status is that the creatives have twisted the storyline and brought back the promising Raj as Hanuman.

    “The TVTs had been dipping since Raj’s exit hence we thought about bringing him back,” told a source.
    The current track shows the elder Hanuman turning into the younger one to fulfill Nau (nine) Nidhiyan as he had earlier fulfilled Aath (eight) Ashtiyan.

    When contacted Raj’s mother Savi said, “Raj had Diwali vacations when we received a call from the production house and we agreed to be a part of it. Currently he is enjoying shooting.”

    How long will he be a part of the show? “At present, it’s one to two months,” she stated.

    We wish him all the luck… but now that Raj is back, what’s Rishabh’s role in the show?

    Well, he is on a break at the moment!!!

    We also contacted Rishabh’s mother Preeti and she said, “We were told that they wanted to shoot the Nau Nidhiyan with Raj hence, we’ll have to wait till it gets over. They did not say anything about the numbers dipping because of Rishabh.”

    The ratings do decide the storylines these days…even if it’s the mighty Hanuman!!!



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