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    Default Raj Mange aka Hanuman gets back to studies after bidding adieu to Jai Jai Bajrang Bali

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    We had recently reported about Sagar Arts’ Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali on Sahara One taking a leap and the very talented child artist Raj Mange being replaced by Rishabh Sharma post the leap.

    In our curiosity, we contacted Raj’s mother to know more about their life post-Bajrangbali.“I had always maintained that we wanted Raj to get back to school and his stay in Baroda (sets of Bajrangbali) had disrupted his usual schooling for two years. So, we are very happy to be back in Mumbai. Raj will be getting back to school now,” informs Raj’s mother Savi.

    She is currently busy teaching him, as she tells us, “Ever since we got back from Baroda, I have been helping him with his studies as once school starts, he will have to cope up with the academics . And since he was away from school for two years, I am not sure how he will fare.”

    So, does this mean it is the end of Raj’s acting career? “Not at all, we would love to see act provided he is offered a show here in Mumbai. I wouldn’t want his studies to get affected again,” she avers.
    Do they have any kind of show on their mind in particular? “Yes, I would want him to act in ads and social dramas,” observes Savi.

    Furthermore, talking about Rishabh Sharma, the new Hanuman in the show, she states, “We met him and I must say the casting directors on the show have done a brilliant job. An older version of Raj would definitely look like him and there is no doubt about it.”

    Lastly, she goes on to tell us, “I hope that the show does well even in future.”

    We wish Raj luck with his future projects!



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