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    Default Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali to witness Sita's birth

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    Raj Mange, who recently won the Best Child Actor award at the recent Eleventh Indian Telly Awards, is being liked by one and all for his portrayal as Chota Hanuman in Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali on Sahara One.

    And if sources are to be believed, the makers of this show are working on making the storyline of this show even more interesting. As per the current storyline, the people of a village are troubled due to Raavan’s curse. However, Hanuman will try and find out a solution to this. This will also mark the birth of Sita.

    Viewers have seen till date that the villagers are facing a lot of difficulties due to their agricultural land being barren, thanks to a pot of blood kept under it by Ravana. Hence the villagers have come up to Hanuman for help.

    And as per a reliable source, now Hanuman will go to Indra and request him to shower some rain on the cursed village but he will decline his request. Hence Hanuman will go to Dharti Mata who will consider the need of the villagers and inform them that the birth of Sita will change their circumstances. This is when viewers will see the birth of Sita and the eradication of all problems of the village.

    We got in touch with Raj Mange’s mother who said, “We are on a break for three days, however I can only say that Hanuman will try solving the problems of the villagers.”

    The sequence will go on-air from tonight (4 July 2012).



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