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    Default 'My friends address me as Hanuman'- Raj Bhanushali

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    Little Raj Bhanushali who plays the divine Bal Hanuman of Sahara One’s Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali loves playing on his playstation and with the toy cars. His family is an ardent devotee of Hanumanji. We in conversation with this wonder kid...

    Have you watched the animation film Bal Hanuman?
    Yes, I have watched the movie and quite enjoyed it.

    Are you a devotee of Hanumanji in real life?
    Yes! I like how he likes to fight with evil people.

    Hanumanji is going to Gurukul. Do you think he is brave to leave his parents to go to Gurukul?
    Going to Gurukul, means staying away from parents and living all alone under the guidance of the guru. Hanumanji is definitely very brave.

    Do you think Hanumanji is having fun at Gurukul too?
    Yes he is having fun learning new things about life in general. He is managing to stay alone with his parents and is being constantly guided by his guru.

    Would you like to go to a Gurukul?
    I would like to go to Gurukul as there will be so many new things to learn and have the entire day to spend with friends. However it would mean staying away from mummy papa. I love them too much and can't stay alone.

    What has been the most fun moment in playing Hanumanji?
    Being able to fly around, doing stunts all by myself and fighting evil.

    What do your friends say when they see you on the show?
    When I go to school, all my school friends gather around me and they ask me questions about the show and the sequences we shoot on set. Sometimes my friends address me as Hanuman only.

    What is your favourite toy?
    I have a cupboard full of toys and a collection of toy cars. Whenever I go home, I make sure I play with all my cars.

    Do you have a Hanuman doll?
    I do not have a Hanuman doll. However, we do have an idol of Hanumanji in my house. We pray to Hanumanji every day.

    What are your hobbies?
    I love playing on my playstation. The car game is my favourite.



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