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    Thumbs up Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnaabi written update for 7th Jan 2010

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    Mr irresistible doing his regular job staring at Ayesha, as she walks out of her apartment. Small happy family ( VeNiSha) leave together to the hotel in their specious Range Rover aka auto. back at Ramada, Shridhar looking over party arrangements, checking the guests list, when a maid breaks the headline of the day:- Veer sir has come in loading auto.. Sridhar is shocked to hear this Veer arrived with his would be wife and Angel, gets the update that Anjana's Ball room ready. Confused Ayesha, gives smile to Shridhar, before she leaves from there. All are waiting for the chief guest (Nihaal) in the hall. Nihaal is super glad, excited, amazed to see grand arrangements. So as rest. Nihaal is way to happy seeing all this, runs to Chhachu to tell he has never seen such a party. Ayesha is unhappy, sad, some how out of the crowd and fun..Veer replies, he is trying to fulfill his promise that he gave to Jai. Now guess who walks in??? ya so correct Devil ka Advocate., jackal jeeju. He thinks to himself wow what a grand party??? He should give his contribution too. He asks Nihaal, if he is enjoying. Suddenly Ayesha's coughing distracts Veer's attention towards her and awaiting. He asks meano to get water for Ayesha Minni tells Ayesha to drink the water when she says thanks but no thanks, as boss will feel bad. She goes on to taunt Ayesha that chance will not come frequently A reluctanlty drinks the water while meano keep staring at her with killing looks. Veer makes sure by turning to A secretly that she is okay. Shridhar and rest hotel Staff ask Nihaal how is the party?? Minnie asks what would he like to drink. Nihaal snaps her by replying nothing. Minnie insists and says do not get scare, when he starts backing up. Shridhar replies Minnie all are scared of you, he is just a kid and all blurts out laughing including minni ka potential boy friend Minnie tells Nihaal to forget whatever happen, today I will do whatever you ask me to. Nihaal after getting assurance, asks her to wear a cap that pammi was wearing, she resists, Nihaal pretends to cry, finally Minni agrees, when jeeju comes to see what's happening. Another round of laughter ke phatke. Nihaal demand to sing Xmas carol, minni shocked.

    Minnie says she can't sing, Nihaal takes out his trump card again pretends to cry. All are still continuing with laughter ke phatke round including JJ when Nihaal announces minni aunty will sing X mas carol. Minni starts singing, Naughty Nihaal requests to sing louder. Minni starts yelling all close ears. when khattu asks to stop her, Shridhar says we are used to of it, if you can't tolerate then stop her and balloons burst, dropping glitter on minnie to give Nihaal laugh of the day. JJ is not happy. Potential boy Friend says to minni did n't I tell you?? think about our ears, see balloons got burst with your singing. You would have born, when 100 crows died. Fuming minnie throws the cap towards Nihaal, to leave from there. Pammi and Nihaal have nice moment seeing this.
    Nihaal runs to his newly discover family asking should not there be Santa in Xmas party. JJ assures him to have Santa. JJ wondering how to get Santa when he spots Khattu. Seeing Khaatu as Santa Monkey Minnie thinks to herself it is time to get even. You made fun of me, now the ball is in my court. You wait and watch. Nihaal runs to Santa when Minni put her leg to bring khaatu down. Khattu wondesr there is something between him and Nihaal Nihaal pulls out his fake eyebrows, asking him you are MOTE VAALE uncle na, you are not Santa. veer walks out to pick up call, giving JJ green signal to be devil's advocate aka jackal. He goes to Ayesha praises veer to instigate her, puts her down by saying how is she incapable of giving good qualitative life to Nihaal. He goes on to say you may feel bad, but this is the bitter truth. Ayesha really feels bad, goes out,but she can't go away from Veer's eyes. Oh man he is 24/7 at staring, checking out Ayesha job. he does follow her to the lobby, asks where is she going, she tells I can not be the part of the party, thus will be waiting in the lobby, sir you please tell pammi to take care of Nihaal Veer the gentleman asks may I know why would you like to leave party half way through and wait in the lobby ?? Ayesha blasts back I know your intentions very well, you have thrown such a big party just to let me down and let Nihaal think that his maasi can never throw such party. Right??? So you go and enjoy the party with Nihaal. I do not want to spoil you party with my presence. Veer now in anger tells her after all what does she want?? Misunderstand him has become her habit Did you even try to think why am I doing this I too love Nihaal. He goes on to say you do whatever you can for Nihaal's happiness. Same way i want to do to for his happiness Put your self in my shoe, then tell me would n't have you done same? That's why I followed you.

    Veer explains to Ayesha he is very well aware of the fact that how much NiSHa is incomplete with out each other but I think you hate me more than you love Nihaal. He leaves after saying, anyways why am I telling you all this ( So cake cutting promo was just symbolic) He tells Nihaal do you see all these gifts are yours, let's open them but Nihaal ka gift to lobby main hai so he is searching his gift. Dumbo veer wonders what is he searching?? asks him what happen, Nihaal asks for his gift Massi Kaha Hai????? tell me where is she?? veer fumbles for answer, thinks to himself what to tell where would Ayesha be?? Nihaal Veto Sridhar's suggestion to open the gifts by telling him to wait for maasi. He turns to Veer asking about his maasi again, he keep asking where did she go, and familiar voice calls out Nihaal. Maasi aaaa gayi..Veer turned in shock to see smiley Ayesha. Nihaal runs toward her, she sits so they both can hug, same time Veer stands up. All Veer could do, stand there and watch their bonding, Nihaal questioning her, Ayesha holding her ears, saying sorry, asking him to smile. Veer is touched to see this. Nihaal still not happy as he is missing his parents, wishing his father giving him gift as Santa. Ayesha gives helpless look to veerVeer goes out. Ayesha tries to make Nihaal understand by saying do not remember past, enjoy the moment. right then veer comes dancing. The dance party starts. All dance, including JJ. VeeSha keep bumping each other and staring.

    Ayesha asking Nihaal has he enjoyed and had fun in the party, while Santa Chhachu walks in with laughing, telling Nihaal his Santa has come. Child nihaal .The child Nihaal questions How does Santa know that he was missing him??? Santa Chaachu replies I know all, am here to make you happy. VeeSha steal a look each other this time news is A steals a look with faint smile. Santa tells Nihaal, his maasi is right, he should always be happy and shows him the toys that he has brought. Nihaal says thanks, but no thanks. I do not want all these. Confused Santa makes him to sit on his lap Santa asks tell me what do you want?? Nihaal requests if he can demand anything??Nihaal gets promise from him before he puts his wish. Nihaal whispers in Veer Santa's ear that all he wants is My Chhachu and Maasi should stop fighting with each other. He goes on to say plus I also want ki meri maasi hi meri chaachi ban jaaye. Please do the cease fire na. please santa, Please fulfill my wish na. Please. Veer is shell shocked, puzzled to hear this, Nihaal still shaking him, asking why is he quite, looking for affirmative answer from Santa to get fulfill his wish. Veer turns his face without answering, where as Ayesha wondering what did Nihaal ask from veer sir that brought tears in his eyes????

    Precap: More love on way. Ayesha takes sleeping Nihaal back from veer, their hands get touched briefly.They say silently bye to each other.
    Veer suggesting his mom for out of court settlement. Lethal combo of Villain shocked. Mom rejects the offer saying this will not happen till am alive Veer try to reasoning out, Granny says no means noo...

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