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    Post 25h Dec 2009 Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnaabi written update

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    [DOWN]Maasi enters the hall/living room where Nihaal is waiting for Daadi, who's gone to get toys. Ayeesha is distressed becoz she is worried the Vardhans will take Nihaal away from her. She paces from one end of the room to the other looking for an exit while Jeeju peers from behind a post n prays she finds the window he left open for NiSha to escape Ayeesha first tries the door. It appears locked from the outside (or maybe our Chhotu Chachi-to-be just can't reach the latches above the door n' the director editted that out) Maasi finally spots the open window but, not the window opener (re Jeeju who is still playing peekabo). She tells Nihaal that she has found a way out of the mad mansion, but NIhaal is hestitant n asks why they have to go. Maasi says this isn't the time for questions juss action. Jeeju breaths a sigh of relief n adjusts watelse? his glasses as they climb out the window. Veer, Arpta's Tiger, enters the room ready to roar at Ayesha again. Alas his deer . has fled. He starts to scream for security, so out pops his pseudo security blanket. Veer runs his fingers through his fabulous mane (hair) in distress n Jumpy Jeeju points toward the window that Nihall & Ayeesha (NiSha) escaped through.

    Bewaquof Veer dashes to the window while Jeeju adjusts his glasses again. Veer mutters - Ayeesha you can't my Nihaal away from me. He wonders what he will tell his Mad Mommy while Jeeju gleefully rubs his hand n tada Mad Mommy appears wit half the toystore in her arms She dramatically drops all the toys as she figures out Ayeesha has fled with Nihaal. She commands Veer n Jeeju to find her Nihaal then starts to faint. Veer races to her side to catch her. Nandini races downstairs to her mother's side as dramatic daadi faints. Veer wants to go look for NiSha, but Jeeju says he will go instead. Meanwhile Veer orders didi to fetch water, call doctor, etc. Outside Jeeju breaths a sigh of relief that NiSha has sucessfully runaway.

    Part 2 - Mad Mansion to Mudhut
    Ayesha calls Pammi from a PCO and tells her that the person who found Nihaal is Kamini Vardhaan - a.k.a Veer's mom. She also shares that the Vardhaan clan is trying to take Nihaal away from her. Pammi tells Ayeesha to meet her at Chauksi's kohli and despite some reservations Ayeesha agrees to do so. Pammi locates Chauksi Dada and they together take off from the hotel to meet Ayeesha.

    At the Madhouse (mansion), the doctor tells the pagal Vardhan clan who have gathered around dramatic daadi's bed that if they are not careful daadi could get a heart attack. He tells them to keep daadi happy n leaves. Daadi awakens n wonders where is Nihaal. Veer tries to calm her down n tells her Jeeju has gone to look for him. Jackal Jeeju jogs in n breathlessly states that he wasn't able to catch NiSha. He then starts to badmouth Ayeesha - calling her heartless. Veer tries to signal jeeju to quiet down but, Jeeju is intent on his own agenda. Dramatic Daadi slowly sits up in bed and declares that she knows what Ayeesha wants - Money just like her didi - Divya. She parrots Divya fooled Jai n now Ayeesha taken Nihaal away from her. She instructs Veer to pay off Ayeesha. Veer looks away n appears to be having doubts about Ayeesha's bad niyat (being motivated by money) but, maan hi maan says he will never forgive A for wat she done to his mom.

    In a chawal area, Chauksi n Pammi meet up with NiSha and take them to his kohli. Nihaal does not however complain about the downgrade in his accomodations as he calls over muddy roads n into Chauksi's stark one room kohli. As they look around the spartan room, Pammi tells Ayeesha that this is the safest place for her.

    Part 3 - From the Frying Pan to the FIRE
    Nihaal looks glumly at his new surroundings - which consists of two beds, a tv. and a closet in a sparsely decorated room. Mrs. Chauksi pops out of the kitchen and his brother-in-law crawls out of his blanket as Chauksi dada calls out for his wife. Mrs. Chauksi is no Mrs. Claus and is less then thrilled to hear that Ayeesha n Nihaal will be staying with them. She states Ayeesha can't live there for free and loaf off them. Chauksi s Ayeesha is a guest and if anyone is a loafer lafunga its his wife's bro. (Chauksi's BIL btw is wearing a yellow t-shirt, jeans, n tacky moustache. He looks like a sidekick villain from a 3rd rate south indian movie) Ayeesha calms things down by agreeing to pitch in n help out. Mrs. Chauksi says NiSha will have to sleep in the kitchen n clean it as well. Pammi wonders if A will be okay but A assures her she will manage.

    Jackal Jeeju meets with Khatwani and tells him how he helped NiSha escape. Khatwani is impressed and says this time he will successfully find NiSha for Jeeju. Jeeju says he will use his own brains to find NiSha - he will simply follow Pammi and she will lead them to NiSha.

    Pammi's stalkers (Jeeju n Khatwani) overhear her phone convo with Ayeesha and learn that she is planning to meet somewhere with Ayeesha.

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