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    Post 24h Dec 2009 Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnaabi written update

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    [DOWN]Freaking daadi is lying on her bed. Nandini requesting her to take rest. But no like 4 yrs old kid she replies I only want my Nihaal ( oh yeah he is a toy, that Nandini can get from Toys R US) Both of her children just looks at her quietly. Freak daadi freaks out more blustering this girl kept my grand son in Staff quarter in between servants. That girl forced him to live life that we can not even think for our kidsI won't let him stay with that girl Veer replies she is very stubborn, so she won't easily give up. Mom retorts she has to. I am not backing it off, I am stubborn too ( okay do n't you will be the one who will end up with heart attack. Maasi ka kuch nahi hoga I bet) I need him @ any cost. Send her away from him She goes on Veer my last days of life will only quiet and peaceful, if Nihaal is here . If you want this to happen then let him be in front of my eyes I could give nothing to Jai love, money, luxury, happiness nothing so I want this to give all to Nihaal She says our family is incomplete with out him And you will see we will be so proud of him happy moments for Veer and Nandini become scary moments for evil daamaad. He thinks in mind that's what I was afraid of . Saasu maa is first in the race, she already has planed all that every thing will belong to Junior Jai he further thinks means bunty gets nothing??? no benefit at all of staying here and he was caught in the moment by his Mother in law, who is asking him what is he thinking?? For a second he is shocked and does not know what to say, but pulls himself together and replies with fake smile I am just thinking what are you saying Ayesha really is very stubborn, she won't give up so easily. Veer and daaku daadi gets angry at this. I am worrying how to get Nihaal from her, how to get rid of her daadi yells that all you guys see. I no nothing all I want nihaal. She says nihaal fainting front of my car is not co incidence, God wants us to have Nihaal .Veer tells he will go and talk to China's wall
    Back in the Jail ( mean hall) Ayesha pacing when Nihaal alks to her and ask how long do we need to be here like this She says you sit, I will check and walks to security.

    Part 2: Nihaal: The Bridge

    Ayesha yells at guard that we are not going to wait for any one let us go. Veer says let her go, who just walked in the haal ( looks like apni mom ki tarah yeh bhi sathiya gaya hai) Nihaal shocked Dashing looking veer starts walking to Ayesha saying we got it what we wanted, we have nothing to do with you ( oh really??? what were those stares, lifting and jealous looks in Shimla) . The lioness walks close to him, roars at this, OH NO. no matter how much and hard you try, you will never going to get what you want Veer starts laughing and says you are forgetting that you are in my home. You have no option but to listen to me. , I am not backing it off. Ayesha says neither does I. Where ever what ever circumstance am I. I will fulfill my duties towards Nihaal. He yella she can do nothing, so for her good she should, Ayesha interrupts him saying she knows better what is good or bad for her. Veer yells her name. Scared Nihaal walks to her says please. Both adults now back to reality. He says please both of you do not yell at each other and fight Both sit next to him. hold his shoulder, wipes his tears from each side.Say one by one do not cry beta Satyanaash aagayi devil daadi asking what is all happening?? Walks angrily towards ayesha asking that claiming for the kid and do not even know how to behave with kid??? Aysha shocked She goes what else I can expect from you?? Anyways make sure not to talk anything in front of him, that makes him scare to cry. She turnes to Veer saying you decide how you want to make this girl understand and make sure she does not talk anything that will affect on child. . Veer asks ayesha to come with him, as he needs to talk something. Ayesha denies, says she does not want to talk any thing with him. She only has to take nihaal from here Period.Daadi replies do not forget now Nihaal knows about us. What do you think he will never going to ask you question??? Does it even occur to you, what answers you are going to give for his endless query? veer nodes his head in negative. daadi says Listen to me and for God sake do whatever veer is asking. If you wish I beg you veer is shocked Civilized , well mannered Ayesha replies you are elder to me do not do all this. Veer gives her disgusting look and asks shall we go?? Ayesha tells nihaal she will be right back, he nodes.Brainless tiger and wounded lioness walk out.Generation 1 the unappreciative lady now soften, walks to genration 3 saying to him do not cry at all wipes his tear while soft tune of soap plays in BG. She asks do you how am I relate to you. Nihaal nodes in yes, she asks again tell me who am I Nihaal says Daadi. She makes him to say it again this time Nihaal says Daaku daadi. Daadi mahaa happy. Jks apart nice scene. Varsha and kid both too good.

    Part 3: Innocent & Carefree Childhood.

    Generation 1 and 3 hug each other Other room Veer tells Ayesha she is fighting lost battle, he will get nihaal no matter what Ayesha yells back try all your power, but I wont let nihaal part from me. Veer retorts he is my nephew and out of all he is only life support of my ill mother. Ayesha s back @ full volume I promised my sister to take care of my nephew. Back to veer< Nihaal is only happiness in my mom's life. I will do any thing to get him He grabs her arm tightly Ayesha pushes his arms Back to Devil daaku. Jijju shocked to see genration 3 on 1's lap. ( Ho gaya bhantaa dhar, me sure now jijju will be the one who will help ayesha to break the jail, coz he wants them out) Here our Einstein unaware of all fight, dirty minds, ask innocently why you guys did not come to see us daadi brushes him off only if we knew?? he introduces himself to Nihaal. He even says how much I tried to find you watch the scene how much frustration jijju has it on his face and in act. He then maskha maaro to daadi by asking to give Bunty's toys to him. He even goes on to say I could not do anything daadi goes happily to get the toys.
    Back to roaring cage, Veer goes so you are not going to agree like this. Ayesha says same goes to you. Why do n't you agree? Tell me Veer says this is my last warning to you. He says your stubbornness forcing me to take such a step, so that you will regret for your whole life. Ayesha says do what ever you want to. I am willing to regret for any of my decision, but the regret for parting nihaal from my self will be like a death for me. and I will have to live for NIhaal. Do you get that?????

    Part 4 :The Vibhishan of Ramayan aka Jijju

    And staring competition continues in next part too jks a part Ayesha leaves in anger and Veer makes a call to lawyer He instructs the lawyer to draft that Jai has not legally separated from family and on this basis Vardhan family should have legal custody of his son( Veer if you are stupid does not mean Ayesha too. She is 1000 miles ahead you . He asks him to complete all the formalities have it on stamp papers (It will be invalid or null, as ayesha has will and was made long back). He says when you come bring police with you. ( another major blunder). Now here I have a question to you Veer did it even occur to you to give a thought on what basis Ayesha fighting?? She might have few hidden cards??? After all why is she so confident. This is just not stubbornness.
    Back to haal. Nihaal happy playing with toys. Jijju's mind working over time on Xmas eve like Anjana and I. He thinks he should play his card before vardhan take any step. I need to show the way out to Ayesha and Nihaal .Jijju tells guards they can leave, he is here, then he checks out windows.Turns to nihaal saying all the windows and doors are closed I am suffocating do n't you??? Nihaal nodes in yes. He goes opens the window smilingly asks Nihaal is it nice now. Nihaal is happy too. He asks him to eat chocolate when Khatmal khattu calls him. He picks up the phone and smartly indicates him that no need to find nihall, as he is here. He checks out open window one more time and hides by seeing Ayesha walking in the hall. Ayesha asks Nihaal who gave chocolate. Nihaal tells Avinash uncle. Ayesha asks for Kaamini and Nihaal tells her excitedly she has gone to get the toys for me. Ayesha is worried that Vardhan will part Nihaal from her forever. No I will not let this happen ever. Screen freezes on Ayesha's determine and confident face.

    Tomorrow: Ayesha escapes from window. Devil daadi yells seeing this the girl ran away with Nihaal(you think she will wait for you to come. aree no brain daadi if she does not run how she suppose to get the will, your son is going for legal battle), go and search Nihaal. daadi feels dizzy says some thing happening to me, Jijju and just a Good looking son with no brain holds her, both asking to open the eyes and control her self. But daadi still faints.

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