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    Default My production house gave me the best birthday surprise this year! - Rohan Shah

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    Young actor Rohan Shah, seen in Sony TV's Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, celebrates his birthday today; speaks about his plans, gifts and much more.

    The youngest December baby who at a very young age has proven himself and made his name in the industry with the variation that he has shown through his work. He is Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar fame Rohan Shah. What makes his birthday extremely good is the special gift by his production house.

    When contacted birthday boy Rohan, he excitedly retorted, "I just woke up sometime back. I have been getting calls and messages continuously since last night due to which I could not sleep much. I have no plans as of now; but I think I will meet my friends and probably go out for dinner. My birthday is the only day when I get to see all my friends together and sit back and have fun. Otherwise, everybody is so busy in their lives that we hardly get any time to meet."

    When asked about his best birthday gift and he averred, "The best birthday gift I got is a day off by my production house. I have not got a holiday since a very long time and now getting one on my birthday is sheer bliss. Besides this, yesterday on the sets of Itna Karo... I packed up very early but everyone there asked me to wait for a while saying I have one more scene left. I was waiting thinking I had one scene left and all of a sudden they took me on the set and surprised me with a cake. I had not expected this. It was just amazing. My dear friends Mukti Mohan and Abigail Jain too came over and had cut a cake with them last night. Both of them are too close to me."

    Any fond childhood birthday? "For me, birthdays are just another day. The best thing I really like about my birthdays is I can do whatever I want to. Back then too, I did not have to worry about my studies or work. I was just pampered."

    We wishes Rohan a very Happy Birthday!



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