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    Default Neil to get into a fight with goons in Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar

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    Nishii and Jignesh's wedding in Sony Entertainment Television's Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar sees the entire family coming together to celebrate the happy occasion. Viewers also get to see Neil aka Ronit Roy and Ragini aka Pallavi Kulkarni share some bitter-sweet moments together.

    The upcoming track will see the estranged couple encounter a scary yet funny incident. It will so happen that Pallavi will forget her bag at a venue and Neil will decide to accompany her to get it since its late in the night.

    On their way back home, the tyre of their car will get puncture. When Neil will get down to examine it, he will realize that there are some nails scattered on the road which caused the puncture. Stranded on a deserted road, some goons will come there and decide to rob Neil and Ragini off their belongings. As the goons threaten them to give up on whatever valuables they have, Neil will decide to not bow down to them!

    Audience will get to see the intense actor, Ronit Roy get into action mode as he fights off the goons!

    However, bringing a comic angle to the entire sequence will be otherwise reserved Neil with his funny one-liners!

    When a scared Ragini will ask the goons who they are, Neil in a sarcastic yet funny manner will respond that they are Suresh, Ramesh, Bhavesh and so on as if he knows them! This will lead into an argument between the two. The goons would get irritated by their fight and ask them to stop the husband-wife squabble.

    Hearing this Neil will get into a conversation with the goons and explain to them that they are not a couple as they divorced long back! All this while Ragini stands scared and shocked!!



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